You can delve deep into the fascinating world of fractals by using this applet.

What is it?
The applet renders a picture according to these formulas:
q = a * x + c
x = y - Sgn(x) * Sqrt(q)
y = b - x

How to use this applet?
Alter the values by clicking inside bars. To center the view, click inside the picture area.

zoom - change the zoom factor e.g. look closer

parameters a,b,c - modify the constants in the formula

iterations - change this to reveal more details

How could I speed it up a bit?
Be patient. Decrease the number of iterations.

Who is behind those formulas?
I've forgotten. If you know, please email me.

System Requirements
The first version (around 1998) of this applet ran well on Internet Explorer's VM, but this latest version is tested on JRE 1.5 version 6. Download it from here. Remember to enable it on IE's Internet Options | Advanced settings page.